The Art Of

I love shining the light on unlimited
possibilities through light design and
fabrication. My aesthetic reflects an
non-traditional background. While I
sketched constantly as a kid, it wasn’t
til I went through the streets on my bike
and found discarded bike wheels, old
appliances, nautical ship wheels and
would wire them up to become lamps.

It was right there from the streets where
my imagination and creativity would
flourish into industrial design and knew
instantly it would play a part in my
future. Today, we create, design and
transform our lamps into works of art in
Vintage Industrial, Mid Century Modern,
Post-Modern and other non-traditional

Our goal has been to transform the
ephemeral nature of light into
something not merely tangible but
enduring. Combining organic,
hand-wrought materials like blown
glass with the strong industrial beauty
of machine-milled components
radiating warmth while underscoring
the drama of shadows and emptiness.