The Art Of

As a kid we would drive to Vegas and
those sparkling pulsating neon lights lit
up the strip like a giant force field. Why
were these signs so unique from any
other places I saw. Those trips through
the Nevada desert also revealed old
weather torn signs from days long past.
The patina’s, the designs, the way they
stood out always amazed me. Why
were some thrown out and some
shining bright.

Even to this day I am amazed at all the
signs from the past and how they
disappeared and are forgotten
compared to the 3 dimensional layered
signs I fabricate today. My thoughts
travel to the future wondering how
would this piece look on the side of the
road, on a wall, thrown out by the trash.
That’s where I start,

From metal, glass, wood, leather and
other elements I seem to integrate and
blend several contrasting materials to
form each distinctive piece. No two
pieces are ever the same and neither is
the approach.