The Early Passion

“I started painting in second grade and
found myself picking up discarded
items on the way to school when I was
around 10. After doing this for a while I
began teaching myself how to weld,
doing metal and woodwork then
developed the skills to re-purpose
vintage items then turning them into
modern upcycled pieces. I had never
considered turning this hobby into a
career, brand or company, until one day
when I was commissioned to turn an
old 1945 teak sailing boat hatch into a
tentacle laden kraken table.”

The Craft

That early curiosity lead to a 4 year
stint at the LA school of design where I
explored and developed my creativity
while gaining a solid knowledge in 3D,
fabrication, graphic design and
machining to round off my creativity.
The rest is history and I love creating
Vintage Industrial but with a modern
twist blending art, nature, science,
history & mythology creating antiquity.

Welcome to my past, present and
future. Welcome to David Cook Los