The Art Of

It took me years to realize that art
Heals, Strengthen and Empowers.
Here I thought i was just painting,
creating, having fun or making unique
things and not realizing the bigger
picture. It truly was like meditation and
therapy allowing me to express myself
through thru the things I was creating
and making. It gave me a laugh cause I
thought nobody knew what I am
thinking or feeling all these years. Here
it was, right in front of my face,
paintings, interiors, lighting, furniture,
art work and thousands of other pieces
capturing those hidden thoughts and feelings.
It was an epiphany and helped me
connect with myself and clients.

So after this light bulb moment, it made
me think, “I wonder what my client is
seeing, feeling, or is imagining when
they see these works of art.” I have
invaded their personal space with my
piece, and now they are expressing
their character, their loves, things they
like, stories to share with family and
friends and for themselves. A place of
comfort, a safe spot, a place to relax,
think be your true self. Art really
connects us with our experiences, our
past, who we are, what we love, and
gives us a moment of peace and to
enjoy our lives.