The Art Of Modeling

The beauty of 3D modeling is it gives you a
live view of the finished piece before we start
fabricating the design. You can see the CAD
Engineering come to life and have the advantage
of tweaking the design by trying different materials,
textures, shapes, fitting, hardware, colors and how
things work together. The initial drawing reveals
the concept and engineering makes it possible to
fabricate to tight specifications.

We start old school style with a drawing concept, then work our magic using modern CAD Software (Solidworks) to design, model and render multiple views of any design concept.

Next we go straight from render to prototyping using and SLA or 3D print to make samples or form parts. We also write G code and can create parts from our 5 axis CNC Hass mill, CNC Hass Lathe, plasma cutter, waterjet, or other manufacturing equipment. We are a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help show our passion & style by creating amazing vintage industrial furnishings, environments, lighting and interior craftsmanship.