The Art Of

Interior design has evolved, moved, and adapted to the times, past, present and future. What’s consistent through the ages are a simple principles – these are the ‘rules’ (so to speak) to guide our work on a day-to-day, project-to-project basis.

  1. Interiors must stand the test of
    time. When it comes to creating
    spaces, timelessness is key….
  2. Intuition is important….
  3. Treat every project individually.
  4. Stay authentic….
  5. Design is a team sport. …
  6. Texture, texture, texture. …
  7. It’s okay to mix and match…

Quality is key

This one is basic. Don’t skimp on
quality – otherwise, it will stand out and
you’ll find yourself being forced to
redecorate in no time at all. Do
everything once and right and you will
find you will spend less in the long run.”

Balance form and function

As designers, we put together spaces
that are not only visually pleasing, but
also practical. These are not
showrooms – they are people’s homes,
meant to be lived in, loved and used,
and as such, they need to be
functional, whilst still being beautiful!